Emma Davie


Nature is the pinnacle.
Nature is epically endless.
Nature is for all.
Life is squeezed in there somewhere.

Everything I see, feel, experience daily subconsciously is extracted from me when I paint. Whether I try to or not, good, bad or indifferent, the marks make there way onto canvas and I arrange them for the viewer.

Although nature is my source, it’s not always the end destination visually or emotionally. My work stems from using what the landscape, travels, nature and memories offer, but the end result takes on a composition that is balanced, layered, or textured.
I want the viewer to find their own paradise in the work, a painting to escape to offering a visual break from reality.

Each work is an experiment of ideas, and I want to show the searching and layering that goes on whilst painting. Each addition and removal of brushstrokes is kept, creating a push & pull into the work.
My use of colour is to conflict, clash, dramatise or harmonise the painting into its own finished form.


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