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Painting for me these past years has been about continuing to explore the possibilities and boundaries of abstraction from nature.

It started with a realization from childhood of my obsession with large bountiful trees, and how they stand tall against the landscapes.

Through the years, I have been consistently exploring the lines, boundaries and opportunities that come from all that is around us.
Of late my works directly relate back to land formations, and scapes from travels abroad and locally. The geography of the world is so vast it provides unending inspiration.

“Nature” is a huge subject on its own, and my hope is to somehow pull glimpses of what I see and serve them to the viewer in an original, organic way.

My intent is to continue pushing through the challenges that composition can bring, and create feelings of movement, line, searching, multi layered areas, and balance.
I try and maintain an organic and figurative feel to the works, by consistently experimenting with the areas and the weight that they carry within the pieces.


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